Manage Your Content

The RBM.TV Channel has a complete web based administration area where you can manage all of your media content, view some of the most detailed statistics on the market, control your add-ons or order additional services. It’s easy to control your own channel with RBM.TV's Snap-N-Play technology, which allows drag and drop functionality. It even allows you to personalize your channel with RBM.TV add-ons or custom development add-ons at the click of a button. RBM.TV add-ons include surveys, quizzes, real time chat, custom form builder, event calendars, banner rotators, tabbed content, online Bible, event registration and more.

RBM.TV's web based editing system allows you full control over the text and images used in your channel. Update your channel as often as you want without relying on others to make the changes. The RBM.TV Channel has a complete web based administration area which gives you the ability to update the media content on your channel including text, photos and video.
Manage Your Media

RBM.TV's web encoder will automatically convert uploaded media content from virtually any format to our highly compressed web friendly format. You have full control over a wide range of audio and video playback settings. We also offer a desktop encoder that allows you to post content directly to your channel. Your admin area allows you to schedule when your videos will display, what videos will display, copy and paste code to embed your videos on other sites, per-per-view options and many other features.

Add in live streaming to your RBM.TV Channel!
    * Countdown timer is displayed to your users to show when the next live event starts
    * Host UNLIMITED live events with no extra charge per event
    * You control your schedule
    * Track viewers, viewing times, bandwidth usage and much more...
Advanced Statistics

RBM.TV Channels have some of the most advanced statistics on the market today. View detailed trends of where your users came from to what the what they did while on your channel.

   * Track your website's growth and forecast internet trends
   * Features over 130 report items, plus Geographic Reporting
   * Track growth and forecast internet trends
   * Data Mining - Drill down into report items to get the data you need, when you need it.
   * Track your total Bandwidth, number of video plays, and much more...

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